Hunt Museum, Limerick

Building survey and preparation of Management plan and maintenance works contracts for Museum.

ACP have been advising the management of the Hunt Museum since 2008 on a number of projects including repairs, maintenance and refurbishment of the 18th Century building.

Palladian-style building designed by Italian Architect Daviso de Arcort (Davis Ducart). Originally built as the Custom House (1765 – 1769).  The building is essentially a ‘Villa’, with the central block (main house equivalent) which is symmetrical with a portico on the front (facing the river). Two arcades flank the central block and were used as meeting places for merchants.

The building was used by Customs until 1993 when it was identified as being suitable as the permanent home for the Hunt Collection. The building was restored and extended in 1996/97.  The modern extension (street side of the building) consists of a two story extension with basement (offices, reception and toilets) and a basement extension with a flat roof (exhibition hall).


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