Our Story

ACP have worked on over 725 projects since we were established in 2000 for private clients, charitable organisations, government departments and public authorities. With over 15 specialist consultants we can provide a full multidisciplinary service taking your project from start to finish or we can advise an existing team/ or yourself on specific specialist matters associated with your project.

The budgets on the projects range from under €10,000 for conservation grant work to over €25,000,000 for larger projects. It has been an exciting journey to date, developing this unique company of conservation specialists who are passionate about their work. Each new project is a journey into the unknown and we have the skills, expertise, and track record to deliver your conservation project successfully.

Our Philosophy

We believe that caring for the historic environment is a dynamic process involving change and its management. It is as much about building a partnership between the "building or landscape", the Owner, and the various other Stakeholders such as the Planning Authorities, as bringing "best practice" solutions to deal with the current problems.

Our Approach

We as Conservation Advisors see our role not as someone standing in the way of change, but as an Advisor to negotiate the transition from the Past to the Future via the Present, in a way that minimizes the damage that change can cause and maximizes the benefits.