Building Conservation Surveying

Environmental awareness, sustainability issues, economic/financial restraints, and legislation dictate that increasing emphasis is being placed on the effective re-utilisation of existing buildings.

Building Conservation Surveying

In particular, property owners, developers and purchasers are having to assess more closely the life cycle performance of existing historic buildings and their possible reuse as an alternative to demolition and rebuilding.

ACP’s strength is in advising our client’s from a ‘Position of Knowledge’ about their historic property and its future potential. This is achieved by:

  • using a combination of carefully planned and selected surveys and inspections of the building so as to fully ‘know the building’ including its history and development, the nature and condition of the building fabric including current and past defects.
  • working closely with our clients to fully understand their project requirements.

ACP’s consultants provide the following specialist conservation building surveying consultancy services:

  • Condition surveys
  • Measured surveys
  • Predevelopment record surveys
  • Historic/archival research
  • Timber and damp surveys
  • Archival quality photographic surveys
  • Defect survey analysis and assessment
  • Maintenance surveys and advice
  • Preparation of Planned Maintenance Inspections and Management Plans
  • Conservation Based Research and Analysis reports (CoBRA reports)