St. John's Scouts Hall

Refurbishment and Fire Engineering Works to the St. John's Scouts Hall

John’s Square was built in the 1750s and was the first step towards the Georgian terrace that would dominate development after the 1760s. The square was Limerick’s first taste of fashionable urban architecture moving away from the traditional dense Medieval street pattern. The building is a Protected Structure (RPS 291) and is within an Architectural Conservation Area (ACA St. John’s Square).

Architectural Conservation Professionals (ACP) was commissioned by St. Johns Scouts Club to act as Building Conservation Consultants to undertake refurbishment and fire engineering works to the scout hall. The works included a new fire system, computer training facility and youth cafe.

Fire Protection System

The Scout Hall was fitted with a state of the art fire suppression system (high pressure mist sprinkler system) which, on activation releases a water mist to the area smothering any fire and protecting the historic fabric of the building by minimizing water damage. This system is used in many esteemed buildings worldwide including the Duchess Anna Amelia Library (Germany), Natural Portrait Gallery (London) and St. Marks Basilica (Venice) along with many others. The system was chosen as it was not possible to install an external fire escape for the building.

Computer Training Facility

Working with the Scouts we designed a new computer training facility capable of holding classes of 20 students with a computer station for each on the first floor.

Youth Café

A new youth café was installed on the ground floor with a pool table, two computer stations, karaoke and plenty of comfy seating.

The design and construction challenges that were overcome were considerable due to the restrictions imposed by the Fire and Planning Authority and the building being a Protected Structure.


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